Our Portfolio


HIJUP.com stands for Hijab Up, is the first and the largest e-commerce specializing in Muslim / modest fashion. Hijup also has worldwide customer and growing fast in Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA, Australia, UAE, Turkey and Bahrain. With the Mission to make Muslim Women Feel Empowered, they also praised as "The Paris of Muslim Fashion" by London College of Fashion.


Insight Medica
At Insight Medica, we are focused on deploying revolutionary, biofluid-based diagnostics into customized panels to deliver personalized precision healthcare that improves lives and aiding clinical patient care. We do this by leading the use of precision diagnostics to generate and interpret data to advance the growth of the patient care.


Ahlijasa is a company that use technology and smart operational process to elevate the standard of personal & household services market in Indonesia. They want to simplify the process of finding the right service professional for all your personal & household needs

H - Tech

We are a team with a passion for technology. Our technology modifies screens to be capable having two-way interaction between the content and the users. Seeing this could lead to a lot of potential, so we decide to introduce this technology in Indonesia.

Aino Indonesia

Aino Indonesia is an electronic payment solution provider company for mass transportation, government public services, education and retail. PT Aino Indonesia endorses Less Cash City Solution, a solution of inter-usability, inter-modality, inter-availability, until inter-operability electronic money cards in the city, thus the use of cash may be lessen.


Spacemob builds foundations for businesses by providing space, technology, and connections. By laying down the groundwork, companies can thrive with purpose. And it doesn't start with just a desk. It begins with an ecosystem of tools and people, where we take care of the groundwork for your business to flourish. That way, you'll be focused on what you do best.

Acquired by WebTvAsia

Layaria is an official partner of Youtube, that encourage video creator to have a better career through online. We provide studio, consulting and mentoring program to help shape a strong character. We also have a solid production team, including producers, cameramans, script writers and many more. Last but not least, we also help video creator to get sponsorship deals from various brands and off-air events.