Recovery Plan Best Practices for Startups

Recovery Plan Best Practices for Startups

VCs have a unique perspective of how startups (at scale) are adapting to remote work in the face of COVID19 while fighting to show consistent growth, thus, secure an investment in the near future.

Having a portfolio of startups that you advise gives you insights into some of the best and worse practices out there.

Our partner Chandra Firmanto will be a speaker hosted by Viktor Kyosev from Greenhouse.Co

Topic: Recovery plan best practices for startups. Lesson learned from overseeing the 20-year old family business. In collaboration with Indogen Capital.

Relevant to: startup founders operating in Indonesia or planning to expand to SEA’s largest economy.

Date: 14th of May at 4 pm Time: 4.00 – 5.00 pm (Jakarta Time)

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